About us

Our company was established in year 1992 in Estonia with a target of meeting the growing needs in high quality technical services of the developing passenger vessel fleets of such companies as Estline, Tallink, Saaremaa laeva kompanii and Eckero Lines in the port of Tallinn and other major harbours.

The primary focus was repair and reconstruction of the interior of vessels as well as paint works. The established team of specialists enabled successful performance of full range of works in conditions of brief moorage in the harbours, docking and during voyages.

With great gratitude we remember the designers and specialists from Inges Golv AB together with whom we participated in the first large conversion projects.

In year 2006 the company was divided into industrial and maritime business. Four years of progressive development have been fruitful for our team. During this period a large volume of works was successfully carried out in both conversion and shipbuilding projects. The georgaphic range of our activity span beyond Scandinavia. We did outfitting and conversion projects in shipbuilding and repair in France, Russia and Singapore. During this period a decision was made to rename the company into «Vegamarine OU».


We have managed to maintain our team of professionals and collectively enriched our knowledge and expertise. The employees’ backbone has professional experience of 7-15 years. This allows us to look forward with confidence.

The company builds its relationship with clients on the basis of professionalism, sophisticated quality and flexible price policy. We are ready to realize the project on a «Turnkey» basis, fixed price or by providing our specialists and managers on a fixed hourly rate basis.

Thanks to our skilled workers we are able to offer a wide range of services in outfitting and interior insulation, including:

  • Conversion and outfitting
  • Hull works
  • Voyager services / mechanical works
  • Project design and 3D modeling
  • Work force rental

Having a reliable network of partner companies we can significantly increase our production resources for outfitting, vessel bodywork, as well as welders and pipefitters.

Use of high quality materials, professional equipment and tools and work with qualified professionals allows us to realize every project on a highly sophisticated level.

Long-term experience in different markets, wide range of services, flexibility, reliability and meeting of time limits is our main competitive advantage.




Company name Nautex OÜ. Operated as ship interior repair and reconstruction company. Main clientele:

  • Estline
  • Tallink
  • Eckerö
  • Saaremaa laevakompanii



Company is renamed into Nordserv AS. Continued operating as interior outfitting company but also took on painting of hull and performance of operations during voyages of the vessels and at their brief moorage in harbours.



Following a significant reorganization in the company, Nordserv welcomed LTH Baas AS to become the major owner. The company was renamed into LTH Interior OÜ.



Due to significant change in the politics and organization of LTH Baas, the principles and working staff of LTH Interior separated from the main body to form an independent company called Vegamarine OÜ. The company started from zero. The same way as in previous years the today’s Vegamarine OÜ. has always relied on experience and professionalism of its key people, and the never changing team of skilled workers who have travelled with the com- pany starting from 1992. “Having a reliable network of partner companies we can significantly increase our production resources for outfitting, vessel bodywork, as well as welders and pipefitters.” (direct quote from our website).



Vegamarine expanded range of services and added new brand “Vegamarine force” to the holding. Now we are providing human resources service in different areas such as:

  • Welding
  • Construction
  • Electrical works
  • Restaurants/ Hotels.